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Autoclave / Sterilizer

Vertical Door Steam Sterilizer

The vertical door steam sterilizer is a machine manufactured according to the requirements of the customers. The steam sterilizer machine is used for the sterilization

Horizontal Door Steam Sterilizer

The horizontal door steam sterilizer machine is made to meet the different needs of the industry. The horizontal steam sterilizer is used in the different

Super Heated Water Spray Type Sterlizer

Super heated water spray type sterilizer is used to sterilize the end products in the sealed containers. The Super heat water spray sterilizer is widely used in the

WFI Storage Tank

The WFI storage tank is used to store distilled water at high temperature and pressure. The storage is called water for injection storage tank and is used in

DM water storage tank

The demineralized water storage tank is used to store the demineralized water in various industries. The water storage vessel is widely used in the Pharmaceutical

Pressure Vessel

The pressure vessel is used for the storage of fluids in various industries under maintained pressure. The liquids are stored under pressure to accommodate

Sterile Filling Vessel

Sterile filling vessel is used for the filling of vials, ampoules, injections, vaccines and bottles in the Pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetics industry.

Solution Preparation vessel

The solution preparation vessel is used in the formulation and preparation of solutions for use in various chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Sterile manufacturing vessel

The sterile manufacturing vessel is used in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of injections, sterile medications, small volume medications and inhalers.

Sterile pressure vessel

The sterile pressure vessel is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the filtration of membrane. The filtration vessel is used to transfer the product

Bung Washing Machine

The rubber bung washing machine is used for the washing of latex / rubber stoppers for the vials, ampoules and bottles. The bung washing machine has no moving parts

Membrane Holder

The membrane filter holder is used for the sterile grade filtration of solutions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The membrane holder is used for

Pure steam generator

Pure steam generator is a machine which is used to produce pure steam for the sterilization of containers, pipings, vessels and for humidification of air.