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Automatic Capsule Elevator


Capsule ElevatorDuke technology is recognized manufacturer and supplier of Automatic Capsule Elevator machine.

Automatic Capsule Elevator machine is well accepted by pharmaceutical industry for delivering the capsules at height. This machine is designed for loading of capsules into machine hopper which are height and difficult to load manually from floor.

Capsule elevator machine encompasses an elevator for capsules that transports capsules from floor mounted product hopper to packing machine hopper. The machine is manufactured completely from Stainless Steel and in accordance to GMP norms. This machine is easy to maintain can be easily dismantled without use of any tools for cleaning purpose.

Capsule elevator machine reduces the manual operation and eliminates the manual labour for loading the hopper of machines meant for packing or counting capsules.

Salient Features
  • Automatic and Compact GMP Model
  • Suitable for all size capsules
  • Vibratory feed system with chip sieve and dust extraction points.
  • Single elevator bucket with auto level detection.
  • Pneumatic bucket lift.
  • Gentle tipping action eliminates damage to delicate products.
  • Maximum tipping height of 2150 mm.
  • Fully encompassed product covers.
  • Unit responds to external signals.
  • Product can be loaded directly from bottom discharges IPC.
Technical Specifications:
Description Specification
Model DT200
Product Hopper Capacity 50 100 Ltrs.
Connected Load 0.4 KW
Power Supply 240 V, Single Phase, 50Hz, AC
Discharge Height 1900 mm / 2300 mm
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1570 x 1037 x 2370 / 2720 mm