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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


Automatic Capsule Filling MachineThe auto capsule filler machine is configured with precision for combating the manufacturing needs of the modern pharmaceutical procedures. The machine gives a high degree of automation along with large levels of filling the weight accuracy. The capsule filler is used to fill capsule of all size with powder and pellets as well. The machine is equipped with several functional and mechanical features with overall filling accuracy. Compatible with PLC, it comes with a single or double loader. Fabricated with manual panel, it is a closed automatic capsule filling machine. The filling capacity of automatic capsule filling machine ranges from “00el” to “5”

Salient Features
  • Cuts down the time needed for loading purposes
  • Special purpose gauges available for rapid and easy changeover
  • Adjustable gap between dosing disk and tamping plate
  • Tamping mechanism with a weight variation of nearly ± 2 %
  • No noise and public harm
  • Flexible cleaning possible with the capsule filler
  • Hydraulic join system for increase in join power
  • The automatic de-clutching of the automatic capsule filler while loading is full and it minimizes capsule closing system
  • Comes with a variable speed of filling table that provides flexibility
  • Auto drug hoppers infused in the capsule filling machine minimizes the weight variation and also increase the overall productivity
  • An easy and simple structure that is easy to maintain
  • Outer part of the machine is configured with stainless steel
  • Minimizes operator attention and also ensures maximum production
  • Quality and precision based manufacturing requirements met easily
  • PLC and digital controlled panel in combination with capsule loader closing system
  • Compact in size and occupies less space with maximum output and minimum input
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • No setting system for any kind of change part
  • Easy to operate manually
  • Appropriate for filling capsules of all sizes
Technical specifications:

Here are the technical specifications for the product:

Model : DTACF-25
Capacity 25,000 Capsules/Hr Powder and 20,000 Capsules/Hr Pallets
Capsule Size “00el” to “5”
Total Powder 5.4 Kw (7.0HP) includes Main drive, Auger Drive, Vacuum Pump & Blower Motors
Electricity Supply 440V/3PH/50 Cycles; 380V/3PH/50 Cycles, 220V/3PH/50 Cycles As per customer requirements
Vacuum 500 MM of Hg @ 1000 LPM
Compressed Air 8 CFM/200 LPM at 100 psi/6Kg/Cm2
Relative Humidity 40-45% RH
Room Temperature 22-25 Degree Celsius
Weight 1800 Kg Approx.
Floor Space area with Height 1250 x 950 x 1900 MM Ht.
Total Dimensions of Machine when all Acrylic Doors are Open 2300 x 2500 x 1860mm Ht