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Automatic Double Sided Flat Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine


Automatic Double Sided Flat Bottle Sticker Labeling MachineThe double sided flat bottle sticker labeling machine comprises of a main structure, product in-feed screw, transmission belt, upper product holding conveyor, label pasting unit, motor sensors, AC drives, electrical panel, PLC and the HMI. Equipped with a mains on and off switch to streamline the processes inside the machine in a well defined manner.

Characteristic Features:
  • The dual sided sticker labeling machine is compact and versatile working in compliance to the GMP standards and norms.
  • Configured with the help of MS cladding made with stainless steel 304 material.
  • Comprises of a derlin slate conveyor for conveying the product with easy adjustable guide.
  • Conveying system sophisticatedly equipped with imported AC frequency variable drive for variable speed with constant torque.
  • Design of the front and back bottle sticker labeling machine appropriate for round, rectangular, flat, oval and square shaped products also.
  • All the moving components configured with stainless steel driven safety guards.
  • Fiber optic based product sensor for sensing the product effectively.
  • Fibre optic based gas sensor to sense the gap between two labels.
  • High quality reel mechanism for hanging the roll with the core ID.
  • Break assembly available for avoidance of variation during the release of roll.
  • Dispensing unit available for dispensing of labels on an overall basis.
  • Sophisticated and unique in - feed screw system to ensure uniform distance between the two products.
  • The double sided bottle sticker labeling machine comes with the top conveyor for holding product at the time of labeling.
  • Fibre optic based label gap sensor available for sensing gap between the two labels.
  • Label affixation with the aid of nylon brush and sponge roller available in machine.
Technical features

Here are the technical specifications for the product:

Model No. DBSL-120D
Direction Of Movement Left To Right
Label Height 10mm to 90mm
Label Length 250 mm Maximum
Gap Between Two Labels 3 to 5mm
Label Roll Diameter 300 / 400 mm
Core Diameter 75 / 76 mm
Power Requirements 1 H.P., 220 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
Output 100 to 120 Labels Per minute depend on size
Working height 800 to 850 mm
Dimensions 2500mm (L) X 1800mm (W)