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Automatic Dry Syrup Powder Filling machine



Automatic Dry Syrup Powder Filling machineThe automatic dry syrup powder filling machine is widely used for filling of dry syrup in the containers. Dry syrup rotary powder filling machine finds application mostly in the Pharmaceutical industry. It is used to fill the granular form of medications in the ayurvedic, cosmetic, chemical and herbal industry. The machine fill the fine particles of drugs according to the product density required. Rotary powder filling machine for dry syrup is built in a stainless steel frame which gives it a compact and vibration free structure. The design of the rotary dry syrup powder filler complies to the cGMP standards. All the contact parts of the machine are made up of high quality stainless steel 316. It is equipped with a clutch system for the safety and to avoid breakage of bottles. The machine has a “No bottle No filling” system to prevent the wastage of syrup. It is capable of filling 5 grams to 30 grams of dry powder syrup in a single dose with the help if variable dosing systems. The machine delivers a production output of 20 to 30 bottles per minute.

Salient features:
  • Compact and vibration free structure
  • Contact part made of stainless steel 316
  • All Assemblies under top plate for easy maintenance
  • Safety clutch device for bottle separator
  • Variable frequency drive for speed control
  • High quality gear motor
  • Endless conveyor belt to avoid assembly jamming
  • Filling accuracy of ± 2%
  • Contractors and relays are given for safety of motors
  • Production capacity of 20 to 30 bottles/minute
  • Optional accessories available if required.
  • Various dosing systems for different requirements
  • Protection clutch to prevent breakage of bottles
Technical features

Here are the technical specifications of the product:

Model No. DDPF – 50 (Single Powder Wheel & Hopper)
Production Rate 20 to 30 bottles per minute depend on fill size
Power Specification 1 H.P., 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, 50 Hertz
Input Specification Bottle Diameter: 25mm to 90mm
Bottle Height: 36mm to 300ml
Filling Capacity 5grams to 30 grams in single dose
Filling Accuracy ± 2% depending upon consistency and uniformity of bulk density
Utility Compressed Air: Max. 2 Kg./Cm² Oil Free
Vacuum: 25 Hg. @ 300 LPM Displacement
Optional Accessories Pure Air & Vacuum Filter, Vacuum Pump, Oil Free Air Compressor
Online Pre-Media Filling Arrangement, Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI, Aluminum Profile Cabinet covering full machine
Overall Dimension 1500mm (L) X 850mm (W) X 1700mm (H)
Net Weight 450 Kgs.
Gross Weight 700