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Automatic rotary ampoule washing machine


automatic rotary ampoule washing machineThe automatic rotary ampoule washing machine is used for washing of vials and ampoules in the Chemicals, Veterinary, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry. Rotary ampoule washer machine is suitable for washing different size of ampoules with changeable parts. The vertical ampoule washing machine is equipped with automatic in-feed and exit system for easy loading and unloading of ampoules. Automatic rotary ampoule washer machine has a gripper system which holds the ampoules from neck till the washing is completed. The online ampoule washing machine performs the optimum washing of ampoules both from inside and outside. It has a capacity of washing 100 to 240 ampoules per minute. Capacity of washing also depends on the diameter and height of the ampoules. Machine can be customized as per the customer requirements. It is suitable for washing 1ml to 10 ml size of ampoules with the help of change parts.


Process of operation

The ampoules are fed by an infeed tray and received by an infeed feedworm and transferred to the Starwheel. A gripper picks the ampoules from the starwheel and invert it in the downward positon over the washing needles. The ampoules move with the needle bar for washing and the ampoules are inverted again in the upside position after the washing is completed. The washed ampoules are transferred to the output tray by the output starwheel.

Salient Features:
  • Made from Stainless Steel 304 Material
  • All contact parts made of SS 316 material
  • Equipped with 3 Pumps and 3 Tanks of 25 liters each
  • Independent circuit for each washing zone
  • Machine performs 3 air and 3 water washes
  • Customized washing sequence according to customer needs
  • Re-circulation & Siliconization system
Technical Specification
Production Rate:
100 to 240 Ampoules / Minute  
Depending upon container diameter & height  
Input Specification :
Container Dia.: 10mm to 22mm Container Height: 45mm to 110mm
Power Specification :
4 H.P., 380 volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 4 Wire System
(1.5 H.P. for main machine & 3 H.P. for 3 pumps pumping station)
Note - Electrical characteristics can be adjust as per customer's domestic power requirements.
Working Height:
900 to 950mm adjustable
Overall Dimension :
2050mm (L) X 2000mm (W) X 1550mm (H)