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Automatic round bottle sticker labeling machine


automatic round bottle sticker labeling machineThe vertical bottle sticker labeling machine comprises of main structure, that is overall coated with main structure, safe acrylic doors, product transmission belt, separator unit, label dispenser unit and batch pricing unit. The machine’s operations are dependent totally on quality and size. Further the round bottle sticker labeling machine completes the operation entirely based on PLC.


Characteristic Features:
  • Syrup bottle sticker labeling machine is equipped with imported AC frequency
  • All the outer parts of the machine are powder or hard chrome plated.
  • All the moving components are configured safely with the safety guards made up of stainless steel.
  • Equipped with unique motorized separator to ensure uniform distance between two products.
  • The round bottle sticker labeling machine constitutes different dispensing units to dispense the labels.
  • Overall structure of the machine is well made with stainless steel 304.
  • The vertical bottle sticker labeling machine is a compact and versatile model that works in accordance to the GMP norms.
  • variable drive for variable speed within the constant torque.
  • Flexible change over time between 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Works on the principle of no product - no labeling.
  • Equipped with emergency stop switch.
  • Minimized noise level of less than 62 decibels.
  • Works on wrap around mechanism to wrap the label on product.
  • Break assembly to avoid variation during the release of roll.
  • Equipped with specially designed drive mechanism for the label release.
  • PLC and HMI engulfed machine for total operation of machine with programming facility.
  • Reel mechanism available to hang the roll within the core ID.
  • Works on the principle of no product no labeling.
  • Specially designed dispensing units used for the dispensing of labels.
Technical features

Here are the technical specifications for the product:

Bottle size (Ø) 15mm Ø to 90mm Ø
Bottle Range Round Products
Output speed 120 to 150 Products/Minute
(Speed depends on label and products size)
Label size Min: 15 mm (H) x 35 mm (L)
Max: 90mm (H) x 150 mm (L)
Working Height 850 mm ± 50 mm Adjustable
Power Consumption 2.5 KVA
Power Supply SinglePhase + Neutral + Earthing/ 230 V AC/ 50Hz
Air Supply 4 to 6 kg/cm² (If use Contact type Batch Printer)
Net Weight 350 Kg Approx.
Dimensions 1525 mm (L)x 950 mm (W)x 1800mm(H) Approx.