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Automatic Tablet Counting Machine


Automatic Tablet Counting MachineThe automatic tablet counting machine works with advanced vibration and multi - channel feeder that works with advanced technology. This table counter is designed in accordance to the GMP standards of working. It has a stable operation and lower noise that makes it work smoothly with the SS conveyor. It is a tablet counter machine that works with the stainless steel frame. The trouble free operations and precise results of the lab tablet counter has an intellectual touch screen control system that is easy and compliable . Moreover, the output of the lab-otary tablet counter is nearly up to 60 bottles per minute that is completely justifiable and compliable. It composes the light, electric machinery that is appropriate for tablet or capsule counting and filling.


The product is fed on the rotating disc and is made to cross across the rotating disc and is guided as per the shape and size of the product. Thereby according to the count set in the counting MMI, the number count is released and filling and counting operation is done.

Characteristic Features

  • The counter loopholes are less than 0.1 %
  • The tablet counter works with stable operation and lower length of noise
  • Smooth operation is done by the tablet counting machine with the SS slate conveyor
  • It has an intellectual touch screen control system that is very easy to control
  • Stainless steel frame based tablet counter
  • Full protecting device that keeps the operation of lab-otary tablet counter steady and reliable
  • The net output of the tablet counting machine is up to 60 bottles per minute
  • Appropriate for packaging all types of products, tablets, capsules and caplets
  • Works on the principle of no device no filling
  • Very easy to clean base
  • It is a micro pro-cesser based highly effective machine
Technical specifications:
UPTO 1/2" DIA. UPTO 3/8" DIA.
1000'S 5 fills per minute 5 fills per minute
500'S 5 fills per minute 10 fills per minute
250'S 10 fills per minute 15 fills per minute
100'S 20 fills per minute 25 fills per minute
50'S 25 fills per minute 30 fills per minute
20'S 30 fills per minute 30 fills per minute