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Automatic vial sticker labeling machine


Automatic vial sticker labeling machineThe vial self adhesive sticker labeling machine is a user friendly machine that constitutes A.C. drives, speed control, no object - no label system and also object sensors and label sensors. It is configured with supreme quality components and comes with optional components like printing devices.

Process of operation

The linear vial sticker labeling machine stands appropriate for labeling operations on round vials, bottles and other round objects also. It is also capable of labeling nearly 300 containers per minute that is dependent on product and the label size. The sticker or labels that are made to use are of 18mm minimum and 50mm maximum. Furthermore, it is equipped with roller spacing component with no change parts required functionality. Higher production is achieved through the automatic vial sticker labeling machine by minimizing the overall machine down time. The ampoules are labeled within the range of diameters 10mm minimum to 16mm maximum. The rubber belt that is available to press the labels on the ampoules when they pass through the belt. Last but not the least, the labeled ampoules passes through the transfer wheel to chute and then further pushed towards the unloading tray. Therefore, in this way the automatic vial sticker labeling machine works.

Characteristic Features:
  • No label data input required for any of the label size.
  • No requirement for the change components.
  • A GMP based model with stainless steel 304 construction
  • User friendly adjustment of label placement.
  • Configured inside the A.C. variable frequency drive system.
  • Well configured digital pulse counter inside.
  • Specifically used to label the ampoules.
  • Makes the use of sticker labels with 18mm in width
Technical features

Here are the technical specifications for the product:

  • Electrical Rating : 1 HP
  • Power Characteristic : 230 Volts, 1 phase
  • Finish/Painted : S.S.Finish
  • Overall dimensions : 1500 x 600 x 850 mm (LxWxH )
  • Net Weight : 300 KGS
  • Output/hour : 10000 to 12000 objects
  • Vials Size : 2ml to 100 ml