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Automatic Visual Dry Powder Vial Inspection Machine


Automatic visual dry powder inspection machine The automatic visual dry powder inspection machine is used for the checking of dry powder ampoules in the injectables. It is used to detect any kind of breakage in the vials or ampoules. The sterile dry powder visual inspection machine has two roller chains made of nylon-6. The machine is equipped with a spinning assembly with AC driven rejection units and direct current wiring of 24 volts. The machine is also known as injectable dry powder inspection machine. The machine has a automatic stopping system when a vial is stuck on the track. It is equipped with long life maintenance free rollers. The automatic dry powder vial inspection machine complies to the cGMP standards and competitive solution. The machine has a small and compact design and occupies less space. It is suitable for filling the vials of size 5 ml to 30 ml and can fill up to 100 vials per minute. The machine has a variable AC frequency drive for easy adjustment of speed. It takes out the rejected vials manually by a single click on a button inside the machine.


Salient Features:
  • The machine has a cGMP design and compact model
  • It can fill the vials of size 5 ml to 30 ml
  • User friendly and easy to operate machine
  • Equipped with durable and maintenance free rollers
  • Easy adjustment of speed by variable frequency drive
  • Automatic stop machine in case a vial is stuck in the track
  • All the parts of machine are made of stainless steel 316
  • Inspection of vial breakage and visual vial sealing


Technical Specifications
Model DTNS – 120 HINS – 240
Production Output: Up to 100 Vials per minute Up to 200 Vials per minute
Input Specification: - -
Vial Diameter 23 mm to 38 mm 23 mm to 38 mm
Vial Height 25 mm to 70 mm 25 mm to 70 mm
Power Specification: - -
Main Machine 1 H.P 1.5 H.P
Turn Tables (2 Nos.) 0.25 H.P. 0.25 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics: 230 volts, Single phase, 50 Hertz 230 volts, Single phase, 50 Hertz
Conveyor Height Standard (As per filling line height) Standard (As per filling line height)
Number of Operators Two Four
Overall Dimension: 2000mm (L) 900mm (W) x 1270mm (H) 3250mm (L) 110mm (W) x 1270mm (H)