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Bin Blender


Bin Blender Cage Bin blender is a machine designed for the mixing and blending of powdered medications for the production of tablets and capsules. The cage blender machine is manufactured from AISI 316 grade stainless steel according to CGMP principles. The bin blending machine is highly versatile and capable of handling different size of containers. The machine has a sensor lock checking system which checks that the machine is properly locked before starting. The machine has a variable loading capacity from 25 kg to 500 kg. So different capacities of bins can be used on the same machine. The cage blending systems are ideal for the lubrication and homogenous mixing of granules. The bin is locked in a frame at an angle of 15 degree. The machine has a timer for the accurate adjustment of batch time. The cage blending machine is an enclosed system in which the material is transferred to the tablet press hopper from the blender container. The machine is equipped with a gearbox and motor along with hydraulic power system for the lifting of mixing bin. The IBC bin is easily movable with a butterfly valve and trolley. The machine has an electric control panel to control and check the cycle timings.

Process of Operation

The granules are made to enter the IBC container via a dust free connection and the same container is loaded to the blender for blending of granules. The IBC bin locked in a resting frame is made to lift up by a hydraulic system with an angle of 15 degree. The IBC bin undergoes a three-dimensional action for blending. The same container used for blending is loaded over the tablet press for unloading into the hopper.

The machine is ideal for handling of different size of containers for the production of different batch sizes in the same machine.

Characteristic Features
  • Contact parts are made of AISI 316 and non contact parts of AISI 304
  • Timer for accurate adjustment of batch time
  • Loading capacity from 25 kg to 500 kg
  • It has a butterfly valve and trolley
  • Sensor lock checking system