Duke Technologies


Double Cone Blender

The cone blender are versatile machines that are incorporated for the homogeneous mixing of dry powder and granules.

Octagonal Blender

Octagonal blender is a machine used for the homogeneous mixing and lubrication of dry granules in multiple industries.

V Shape Blender

V-Shape blender is an effective and versatile blending machine that is incorporated for mixing dry granules homogeneously.

Ribbon Blender

The ribbon blender mixer constitutes a U shaped horizontal trough and comprehensively designed agitator that rotates within.

Bin Blender

Cage Bin blender is a machine designed for the mixing and blending of powdered medications for the production of tablets and capsules.

Multi Mill

The multi mill machine is equipped with multiple swinging blades to reduce the size of material. The multi mill blades have dual sharp edges, knife and

Mass Mixer

The mass mixer is used specifically for mixing an assembly whereby the mixing stirrer is in horizontal direction. With single speed

Coating Pan

The all new tablet coating machine is widely used for coating purposed in pharmaceutical and food industry mainly.

Automatic Tablet Coater

Automatic Tablet Coater: The all new energy-saving auto tablet coating machine is widely used in pharmaceutical and food operations.

Tray Dryer

The tray dryer oven is made to use for the optimum drying outcomes in the conventional procedures. Sophisticatedly designed tray dryer,

Vacuum Tray Dryer

The vacuum tray dryer fosters fast drying of heat and air sensitive materials that need the drying to be done without any kind of agitation.

Dust Extractor

The dust extractor machine is configured to have a control over the procedures of tableting and packing. It is highly appreciated

Tablet De-dusting & De-burring Machine

This machine is used to compile the dust and other particles which basically come out of the compression machine.

Oscillating Granulator

The oscillating granulator machine allows the unprocessed material to be pressed by sieve driven by rotor arm to attain a desirable size of final material.

Fluid Bed Processor

The fluid bed processor is a comprehensively designed machine that comprises of distribution plate, nozzles and continuous working filter bags.

Packing Conveyor

The packing conveyor is configured with the help of high quality stainless steel in accordance with the quality standards laid by the industry.

Storage Tank

The storage tanks are manufactured specially with ultra grade raw material and are highly looked after for different industrial applications.

Reaction Vessel

“Duke” offers wide range of Reactor, Chemical Reactor, and Pharmaceutical reactor Reactor, unlike mixing tanks, is totally sealed from the atmosphere.

Receiver Tank

Receiver tank are used for storage of Chemicals, solvents and any type of liquids in small quantity for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food