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Bottle Air Jet Vacuum Cleaning Machine


Bottle air jet cleaning machine The bottle air jet cleaning machine is used for the cleaning and drying of bottles in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The bottle air jet & vacuum cleaning machine is suitable for the cleaning of glass, plastic, PET Bottles and jars. The Bottle airjet cleaner machine works with air pressure and vacuum cleaning. The bottle air washing machine has a stainless steel structure with matt finish body. The machine is also known as the Bottle Air Vacuum Cleaning Machine. The machine is equipped with a slat conveyor and cleaning nozzles. It has a no container no cleaning mechanism to avoid the wastage or pure air. The legs of the machine can be adjusted to the required height.

Process of operation

The bottle air jet cleaning machine is equipped with a photoelectric system which can clean the bottles thoroughly before filling them. The bottles are fed in the upright position with an unscrambler and inverted down. The starwheel feeds them into a chamber where it comes under negative pressure. The cleaner sprays pure air into the bottle. All the impurities inside the bottle are sucked by a vacuum system. The bottles are re-erected in upright position at out-feed station.

Salient features
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge and spray nozzles
  • Clutch to operate the star wheel
  • Both manual and automatic loading
  • High efficiency blower
  • Positive air pressure control system
  • All contact parts made of AISI 316 material
  • Machine structure and construction in AISI 304 material
  • Double air jet nozzle and vacuum holder
  • Variable Frequency Drive for ease of speed control
  • Automatic Infeed and Outfeed of containers
  • Intermittent Linear Motion of Machine
Technical Specification
Model No. : Model : DTVC-60
Container Diameter : Upto 90 mm
Container Height : 150 mm
Electrical : 415VAC Three Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) and 220 VAC 1 Phase Power Supply
Power : 2.0 H.P.
Speed : Upto 50 per minute depending on container size
Compressed Air Consumption : 40CFM to be provided by customer
Vacuum Pump/Head : 300 Ltr. Capacity to be provided by customer
Conveyor Height : 875 to 950mm Adjustable
Overall Dimensions : 2200 mm (L) x 800 mm (W) x 1300 mm (H)