Duke Technologies

Bulk Drug Section

Tray Dryer

The tray dryer oven is made to use for the optimum drying outcomes in the conventional procedures. Sophisticatedly designed tray dryer, complies

Rotocone Vacuum Drye

The Rotocone dryer is appropriate for drying of materials that cannot stand high temperature, easily oxidized materials and poisonous in nature materials.

Paddle Vacuum Dryer

The paddle vacuum dryer is made to use to get the dry powder from wet solutions. It is a closed system in which hot water, steam of fluid is used as

Vaccum Transfer Systems

The conventional vacuum charging system is a sophisticatedly designed system that makes the use of IPC, which minimizes the overall amount of handling.

Vacuum Shelf Tray Dryer

The vacuum tray dryer fosters fast drying of heat and air sensitive materials that need the drying to be done without any kind of agitation.