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Bung Washing Machine


Bung Washing Machine The rubber bung washing machine is used for the washing of latex / rubber stoppers for the vials, ampoules and bottles. The bung washing machine has no moving parts, hence it is maintenance free. The vials and bottles are stored in a specially designed basket during operation. The unit is provided with electrically / steam heated. The unit consists of an outer container made of stainless steel. The contact parts of the Bung processor are made up of stainless steel 316. The bung washer machine has a capacity of washing 500o to 10000 bungs at a time.

Process of operation

The inner product holder is made to put in the outer container. Water for washing is made to flow from a centrally locked pipe. The compressed filtered air is made to pass through a specially designed sparger pipe which generates a high velocity of flow and the rubber stopper is fluidized. It required, the water can be heated using a steam coil or electric heater. The used water is drained after each washing cycle through a drain valve.

Salient features:
  • Inner product holder is a SS 304 perforated basket.
  • All contact part are of s.s.304 Quality.
  • Capacity of washing up to 5000 / 10000 bungs at a time.
  • Electrical and steam heating
  • Works on an air fluidising system
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Less wear and tear due to no moving parts
  • Air Inlet, Water inlet and outlet,
  • Heating arrangement and perforated basket
  • Available water level arrangement
  • Suitable for washing of latex / rubber stoppers
Technical specifications
5000 bungs of 20mm. Size. 
Filtered air required 3 kg. Cm², pressure:
4 cfm 
Capacity 10000 bungs of 20mm size.
Filtered air required 4 kg. cm², pressure:
filtered air required 4 kg. cm², pressure:
8 cfm
8 cfm