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Capsule Counting Machine


Capsule Counting MachineThe automatic capsule counting machine is mainly used for counting capsules and filling them into the bottles. Fabricated using high sophisticated technology and superior production techniques, the lab capsule counter is used for counting and filling of tablets. Capable of counting and filling nearly 75 bottles per minute. It ensures precision functioning and we offer counting machines with turntable, filler and conveyor. There is a feed disc incorporated in the counting machine, that is changed to suit the shape and size of the product. Feed disc is ordered inside the counting machine with varied number of pockets and can be interchanged rapidly.

Salient Features
  • The disc type capsule counting machine is a single and double disc counting machine
  • Stands suitable for medium scale productions
  • Full machine made with 304 stainless steel material
  • Comprehensive design that is in compliance to the cGMP standards
  • Efficient for packaging of capsules, tablets, pills and other shaped products
  • The cap type in the capsule counting machine can either be screwed in or pressed on
  • It is a self diagnostic system for indication of shortage of bottles, products and the caps
  • Equipped with computerized counting system with stable sensor
  • Flexible line for adjustment from one size bottle to the other
  • Flexible and conveniently changeable parts
  • Provides easy connection with other machines as well
  • Dust removing vacuum system for dust free package of stocks to the containers
  • Delivery chutes available for accurate filling of tubes and adapters of different sizes
  • Adjustable filler with adjusting height of up to 125 mm
  • 40:1 height of the gear box
  • Computerized counting system and stable sensor that results in perfect counting capacity
  • Can be connected to the cartooning machines also
  • The automatic capsule counting machine is a perfect machine for counting any kind of capsules in any shape.
Technical specifications:

Here are the technical specifications for the product:

Counting Range :0 to 1000 per Container
Operating speed :2 to 15 bottles per minute (30 count - depend on product in single disc model)
Compressed air reqd. :5 to 6kg/cm² @ 5CFM (in your scope)
Conveyor drive :Motor 0.5 H.P 600 kg.
Automatic Counting machine by highly efficient sophisticated MMI. Machine consist counting head, having 3 tracks.