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CentrifugeA Centrifuge is a machine used to separate the liquids and solids. It is widely used for¬† ¬†centrifugal filtration/ fluid clarification in multiple industries such as chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Herbal, and Oil & Sugar Industries. The pharmaceutical centrifuge is driven by a motor which works on the sedimentation principle. A filtration centrifuge rotates the objects around a fixed axis, thus applying a centrifugal force at right angle to the axis. The solid preparation centrifuge works on the sedimentation principle to separate the substance having different densities. The Centrifuges are manufactured in various categories like Lift bag type, and reverse filter bags with 3 point or 4 Point suspension, manual top discharge, front charge & Push type. All the centrifuges work on the principle of centrifugal separation known as “Stokes law”. Industrial centrifuges are used for separating solids from liquids, liquid from liquids and liquid-liquid-solid separation.

Salient features:

  • The machine has a cGMP design
  • All the contact parts are made of Stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Centrifuge is used for separating liquids from solids, liquids from liquids and centrifugal filtration/ fluid clarification.
  • The machine is manufacture in basket sizes of 24" 36" 48" & 60".
  • Centrifuges offered in below different model
    1. Heavy duty 3 point or 4 point suspension with under driven baskets.
    2. Front loading & discharge with horizontal driven basket.
    3. Pusher type centrifuge.
  • The centrifuges comes with top discharge, bottom discharge or bag lifting type.
  • Filter cloth is available in the desired strength and micron size.
  • The fabric with poly- propylene, woven / non woven polyester, nylon, cotton etc.

Technical specifications

The centrifuge machine comes in four models with the following technical specifications:

High-Speed Disc Bowl Centrifuge Models
Model Style Max. RPM Bowl Vol. Max. Capacity Motor
MAC 250 Manual Clean 9600 1.6 L Up to 250-GPH 1.5-HP XP 480vac/60hz/3ph
MAC 500 Manual Clean 7800 3.6 L Up to 500-GPH 5-HP XP 480vac/60hz/3ph
MAC 800 Manual Clean 7800 6.2 L Up to 800-GPH 7.5-HP XP 480vac/60hz/3ph
MAC 925 Self Clean 8300 4.8 L Up to 925-GPH 7.5-HP XP 480vac/60hz/3ph