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Contra Mixer


Contra MixerThe contra rotary mixer is designed to achieve better mixing and consistent granules at lower operating cost along with higher productivity. It works with full vacuum or pressure and at higher speeds. It is comprehensively jacketed for steam or hot water circulation. It comprises of paddled form blades for movement of material back towards the center of the container. The contra mixer comprises of mainly two blades including that rotate clockwise and anticlockwise simultaneously. There are two different shafts that include, solid and hollow shafts. The vessels are fabricated in a form that it can handle complete vacuum or pressure.

Characteristic features
  • The contra mixer is equipped with pitched paddle blades throughout the height of vessel
  • Intimate mixing, shearing and blending possible with the central shaft in the rotary mixer
  • Effective teflon scrapper blades for scrapping product material from the vessel wall
  • Uniform and homogeneous mixing of viscous products due to the contra rotary motion
  • Efficient sanitary design to prevent product contamination
  • All the contact parts made up of SS 314 and SS 306 material
  • Compact in size with smaller floor size
  • All the non contact parts configured with mild steel or SS 304 material
  • Mounting possible with the mounting of product containers on the mounted legs
  • Steam circulation function available for mixing bowl
  • Equipped with digital temperature indicator for keeping a check on temperature parameters
  • Thick glass wool insulation available
  • No air contamination due to vacuum operation
  • Ideal mixer for high density and viscosity materials
  • Provides durability, sturdy design and smooth functionality
  • Flame proof control panel available for safe functioning
  • Appropriate for thorough mixing, blending of toothpaste, grease and all other viscous compounds also
  • Solid shaft with multiple paddle blades for rapid operation
  • Inbuilt homogenizer with mechanical seal, that is helpful for emulsification
Technical Specifications

Here are the technical specifications for the product:

Model & Details CR100 CR 200 CR500 CR1000 CR 1500 CR2000 CR2500
Gross Cap. Ltrs 110 200 500 1000 1500 2000 2500
Bowl dimensions Dia x ht in mm Will be provided during ordering  
Overall dimensions LX WX H in mtrs              
Total HP* Will be provided during ordering