Duke Technologies

Double Cone Blender


Double Cone BlenderThe cone blender are versatile machines that are incorporated for the homogeneous mixing of dry powder and granules. They comprise of cylindrical shells with two conical frustums supported for charging and discharging purposes. This is specifically used in industries like Pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Process of Operating

An effective and versatile machine that homogeneously mixes the dry granules. In order to ensure proper mixing, nearly two third of the volume of cone blender is filled with requisite material. Thereafter the processing takes place in the double cone blender.

Characteristic Features
  • Butterfly valve incorporated for discharge
  • A sturdy stand for motor driven by gear box that is surrounded by motor
  • The conical shape blender is surrounded by control panel board and safety railing
  • All the components of cone blending machine are finely welded, grinded and polished to give a fine finishing.
  • All the contact and non contact parts made with stainless steel finish with SS304 material.
  • Worm reduction gear used for reduction of speed
  • Manual rotating facility also available
  • Safety roads also provided at the back portion
  • Uniform mixing and flexible discharge
  • Optimum care is taken to ensure safe operation of the double cone blender
  • Food grade rubber basket used at both ends of cone
  • One shaft with 4 number of fixed buff les available
Technical Specifications
Model Gross Cap. in Liters Working Cap. in Liters Discharge Ht. in mm Discharge Valve Overall Dimensions in Length Width Height H.P.
Win-50 150 100 450 150 1400 800 1500 2
Win-100 300 200 450 200 1850 900 1900 3
Win-150 470 300 450 200 2000 1100 2000 5
Win-200 615 400 450 200 2100 1200 2100 5
Win-250 770 600 450 200 2200 1300 2200 7.5
Win-300 1000 600 450 200 2300 1400 2300 7.5