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Dry heat sterilizer


dry heat sterilizerThe dry heat sterilizer is used for the sterilization of glass ampoules, vials, containers and vessels in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Dry heat sterilization is also used for the sterilization of machine components. This dry heat sterilize equipment kills the microbial spore forms up to 12 log decrease. The dry heat sterilizer machine is useful for the sterilization of moisture sensitive materials like glass and metallic containers which can be sterilized using steam but cannot be depyrogenated. The machine is also known as glass container dry heat sterilizer because of its wide use for the dry sterilization of glass ampoules and vials.

Process of operation

The washed vials or ampoules are placed in trays and loaded on the trolley. The trolley is moved on a transfer trolley to the sterilizing machine. The required settings of time and temperature is done by a digital control panel. The hot air is circulated by an impeller horizontally over the charge. The elements on the top heats the air and fresh air is entered into the system via a Hepa filter module. The ampoule sterilizer machine has two pneumatically interlocked doors which one for the sterile and other for the non sterile room. The temperature during the sterilization is recorded on a circular chart recorder. A digital temperature scanner provides the validation of the system.

Salient features:
  • Silicon door gasket to ensure zero leakage during the operation
  • Optional PLC based control panel
  • Body of machine is made of S.S. 304 material
  • Mineral wool insulation to optimize heat effectiveness
  • Temperature variation in the chamber is less then 5 deg C.
  • Equipped with HEPA filter
  • Electronic digital controller and timer
Technical Specifications
Temperature Up to 250 º C
Insulation 125mm (t) Mineral Wool
Material of Construction Interiors with 14 gauge S.S. 316 quality sheets. Exteriors with 14 gauge S.S. 304 Quality sheet.
HEPA Filter Module Pre-filter up to 5 microns, a blower & a HEPA Filter up to 0.3 microns
Temperature Control & Timer A combined Electronic Digital Controller & Timer is installed. ±2ºC., one probe centrally mounted
Available Capacity Lab Model – 1, 2, 3 & 4 cu. Ft. lab model
Production Model – 3 cu.mtr, 5 cu.mtr