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Dust Extractor


Dust ExtractorThe dust extractor machine is configured to have a control over the procedures of tableting and packing. It is highly appreciated for the usage of dust control equipments with the aid of de-duster and tablet press.

Process of Operating

An expansion chamber is available through which the dust enters into the collector and eventually heavy dust particles get settled by gravity. Thereby the finely granulated dust goes through a single big orifice and gets accumulated at the filter. In order of the deposition of dust into the drawer type tray, an efficient snap action mechanism is used. Lastly, a huge bag stands available for change of filter bag and clean-age of machine. Thus, a complete comprehensive solution for tableting and packing, the pharma dust extractor ensures effective processing all over.

Characteristic Features
  • The pharma dust extractor is a  CGMP model that comes over dust hazards and cross contamination at the tableting m/c
  • High powered and balanced air blowing fan
  • Comes with castor wheels for flexible and easier movement
  • Contact and non contact components made of AISI 316 and AISI 304 respectively
  • In order to connect tableting m/c and de dusting m/c, there are five inlet manifolds available
  • All kinds of tablet press and de duster available for flexible connection
  • Comes equipped with castor wheel for smooth movement
  • Stainless steel furnished inlet manifold and dust collection tray
  • Dust extraction systems with convenient mobility
  • Specially made dust collector and extractor in accordance to the customer’s needs
Technical specifications:

Here are enlisted specifications for tablet dust extractor machine:

Model DTDE - 150 DTDE-300 DTDE-1000
Suction Capacity 150 CFM 300 CFM 1000 CFM
Filtration Area 9 sq. ft. 12 sq. ft. 32 sq. ft.
Dust Storage Capacity 3/4 cu/feet 3/4 cu/feet 50 Litre
Electric Motor 1 HP 1.5 HP 2 HP