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ETO sterlizer


ETO SterilizerThe ETO sterilizer machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for sterilization of medical devices and instruments. The machine uses the ethylene oxide sterilization process to sterilize the medical devices, containers and plastic packaging. Also known as the ethylene oxide sterilizer machine, it is used for sterilizing heat sensitive materials which cannot high temperatures of steam sterilization. The ETO gas used for the sterilization is mixed with carbon dioxide or nitrogen in the proportion of 10% top 90% ETO. The concentration of gas used in the sterilizers is 450 mg to 1000 mg per litre of chamber volume.

Salient features:
  • Gas evaporation systems
  • Gas circulation systems for uniform concentration of gas
  • Single and double door system for special customer needs
  • Both sliding and hinged door options
  • Low cost of operation
  • Double steam Jacket for proper and uniform heat distribution

Process of operation

The ETO process of sterilization is divided into three stages:

  • Pre Conditioning
  • Sterilization
  • Degassing

Pre-Conditioning Stage

Firstly the products or devices are made to pass through a pre conditioning stage in order to let the micro organisms grow. The devices pass through a dwell time under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity

Sterilization Stage

The batch load goes a complex process of sterilization. The sterilization stage has several phases which involve alarms, events, phase changes, tolerance checks and critical process values. During the sterilization cycle, if any unfavorable condition occurs, the batch is automatically stopped and the condition causing the stoppage is precisely identified and rectified. When the batch is completed precisely it is automatically transferred to the degasser stage.

Degasser Stage

The sterilized products are made to pass through a degasser stage in order to remove out any remaining part of ETO. The batch passes through a dwell time under a temperature controlled conditions