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Fluid Bed Dryer


Fluid Bed Dryer The fluid bed dryer machine is made to use in the Pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry for drying and cooling of granules, crystalline, coarse and similar materials. The use of fluid bed dryer is to cool and dry the particles by exposing them to a stream of hot dry air. The machine can be also used for post drying of spray granules or particles with a low moisture content. The FBD has replaced the old tray drying machines. The machine is manufactured in a single piece with integrated expansion chamber made up of stainless steel.

Process of Drying

The moist particles or granules are fed into a shaking perforated sheet. A stream of fluid bed drying air is passed through the perforated sheet. The hot air comes in contact with the particles on the sheet and they are lifted slightly. The shaking of the sheet leads to transportation of the materials along the length of the dryer. The moisture is carried away by hot air thereby drying the solid material. The fine particles are agglomerated to large granules. The temperature and volume of the air is maintained throughout the process. After drying the granules are passed through a cooling air zone to cool them to the required temperature.

Characteristic features
  • The contact parts are made of AISI 316 & non-contact parts of AISI 304.
  • Fluidized bed dryer incorporates the Drying capacity of 30 kg to 500 kg
  • Silicon rubber tube for sealing of Filter Bag and Product container
  • Auto pneumatic filter bag shacking system
  • Automatic Temperature controls for Inlet Air and Process cycle
  • Built in Explosion vents & valve protection
Technical Features
Model Container Gross Volume In Litre Maximum Batch Capacity in Kgs. Drying Temperature Electrical Heating Load
Steam Consumption
Kg/ Hour
Blower Motor H.P.
DTFBD-30 100 30 35 to 80 20 50 7.5
DTFBD-60 220 60 35 to 80 36 80 10
DTFBD-120 410 120 35 to 80 60 140 20
DTFBD-200 590 200 35 to 80   216 25
DTFBD-250 750 250 35 to 80   250 30
DTFBD-300 950 300 35 to 80   250 30
DTFBD-500 1500 500 35 to 80