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Fluid Bed Processor


Fluid Bed ProcessorThe fluid bed processor is a comprehensively designed machine that comprises of distribution plate, nozzles and continuous working filter bags. The antique design possessed by the fluidized bed processor makes it appropriate for numerous fluid bed coating applications.

Process of Operating:

In the fluid bed processing system, firstly the hot air is passed at a high pressure by the perforated bottom containing the particles to be collected. Thereafter particles are uplifted from the bottom and suspended in the air stream. This is when the fluidized state is achieved. Furthermore, with the aid of spray nozzles, granulating liquid is splashed to produce granules and then dried lastly.

Characteristic Features
  • FBP is a perfectly designed cGMP model with smooth covering and easy learning
  • Swirl styled design plates also available
  • Both top and bottom spray processing available
  • Interchangeable bowls also available for better functioning
  • Specialized glass bowl available for better process observation
  • All parts are furnished well with stainless steel
  • The customized graphical display leverages simple and self explanatory controls and thereafter provides extensive trending and the control functions.
  • Overall perfect discharge of difficult products also available
  • Very less requirement for space in GMP area
  • Works with precision with eminent technical characteristics and valuable functions
  • Also made to use for the production of clinical material for full scale manufacturing
  • Amalgam of standardized modules that form a perfect fluidized bed processor
  • Graphical operator panel 12" Industrial PC software with PROCESS + range of software available for user friendly operator and machine operation.
  • Easy wet granulation possible with the fluid bed processor
  • Varied up and down plate configurations for fluid bed coating applications.
Technical specifications:

Here are the technical specifications for fluidized bed granulation:

Batch Capacity (Ltrs.) 56 125 265 525 800 1100 1640