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Four head ampoule filling and sealing machine



Automatic Four head ampoule filling and sealing machineThe automatic four head ampoule filling and sealing machine is manufactured using high quality spares and customizable options. Four head ampoule filling and sealing machine consists of four heads for the filling and sealing of ampoules. The four head ampoule filler finds wide application for the filling and sealing of ampoules in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. The machine is manufactured and enclosed in a compact stainless steel structure. Four head ampoule sealer is suitable for small and medium volume injectable cosmetics & medications. The four stroke ampoule filler is capable of filling and sealing 60 to 100 ampoules depending upon the size of ampoules. It is equipped with a variable frequency drive which controls the speed of synchronized motor in the machine.

Process of operation

The sterilized ampoules are placed on the infeed tray and loaded into the slant hopper. The empty ampoules are transferred by a starwheel to a receiving rack. The receiving rack further delivers the ampoules to the moving rack and transfers them to the machine through pre-gassing. The filling and sealing operation is completed while the ampoules are in the Pre-gassing, Filling, Post Gassing, Pre-heating & sealing stations. The filled and sealed ampoules are collected by a stainless steel collection tray.

Salient features:
  • Compact cGMP model
  • “No Ampoule – No Filling” system
  • Minimum change over parts
  • Contact parts made of SS 316
  • Nitrogen gas flushing system
  • Equipped with pre warming station
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • All drives synchronized with a single motor
  • Production Rate of 60 to 100 Containers
  • Pre and post nitrogen flushing unit
  • Piston Pumps Type Filling (Volumetric)
Technical features

Here are the technical specifications of the product:

Model DFS-4 (Slant Travel) Off-Line model
No. Of Head Four
Ampoule Size 1ml to 5ml (Dia. 10mm to 17mm)
Production / Minute 60 to 95 Depend on size
Filling Accuracy ± 1%
Filling Type Piston Pumps Type Filling (Volumetric)
Required Gas For Sealing LPG + Oxygen
Pre Heating Available
Nitrogen Flushing Available (Pre & Post)
Contact Parts Stainless Steel 316
Non-Contact Parts SS 304 / M.S. Powder Coated/ Nickel Plated
Power Required 1 H.P., 380-415V, 3Phase, 4 Wire Systems
Dimension 1100mm (L) X 800mm (W) X 1050mm (H)
Net Weight 225
Gross Weight 450 Approx