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Hinge door steam sterilizer


Hinge Door Steam Sterilizer The Hinge Door Steam Sterilizer is used for the sterilization of containers like glass vials, ampoules, jars, bottles and cans. The steam sterilizer hinged door machine is also used for the sterilization of stainless steel components of machines. The hinged doors type steam sterilizer machine comes in rectangular and cylindrical chambers. The machine is equipped with an automatic PLC based control system. The machine effectively kills all types of viruses, spore and bacteria from the components and containers before filling them. The machine is widely used in the Pharmaceutical industry, hence called the Pharmaceutical hinged door sterilizer. The machine uses the steam at very high temperature to kill the germs from the surfaces of the containers to be sterilized.

Process of operation

The steam enters the sterilization chamber under high pressure, it comes in contact with all the items in the chamber. Upon contact the steam condenses and release heat and moisture thereby wetting all the items in the sterilization chamber. A minimum is maintained throughout the process of sterilization. The re-evaporation of moisture is done to dry the containers to maintain the sterility.

Salient features:
  • The machine comes in both rectangular and cylindrical chambers
  • Available in both single and double hinged doors
  • Confirms to cGMP standard
  • All the contact parts of SS 316 material
  • PLC based control system covering all parameters with facility for printing
  • Safety door switch ensures that cycle does not start until the door is locked
  • Optional electrical steam generator, vacuum pump, carriage, trolleys, chart recorders, data loggers, DX station etc
  • Conventional or dimpled jacket
  • Fixed door sealing gasket for complete sealing of door
  • Facility of display and printing