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Inline Homoginizer


inline homogenizer The inline homogenizer is an ideal solution for the processing of emulsions and dispersions. The inline dispersion homogenizer micronize and scatter the particles in the fluids to ensure the proper mixing and to deliver the stable product mixture. The high shear homogenizer is capable of controlling the high shear applications like emulsifying, wet grinding, de-agglomeration and fine dispersing. The inline homogenizer mixer has a cGMP design and with a capacity up to 5000 litres. The machine is also known as the homogenizing and mixing plant. The contact parts of the homogenizer are easy to access and change. The machine works on the rotor/stator principle and has a very high efficiency. It has a multichamber system and a robust stainless steel design. The inline homogenizer is easy to integrate into a closed pipe line system.


Salient Features:
  • The machine has a cGMP design
  • High product quality and shelf life
  • All contact parts made of AISI 316
  • High power machine with rotor
  • High efficiency for pumping
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Easy to integrate into a closed pipe system
  • Easier to clean and validate
  • Low processing time
  • High energy savings as compared to in-tank mixers, homogenizers and colloid mills

Process of operation

The inline homogenizer has a rotor inside a chamber system. The product is fed into the multichamber to an initial mixing stage and them pumped to the homogenizer. Ahigh shearing force is applied on the product in the shearing gap with maximum fluid movement at the outfeed. If the products are suspension, powder or solid, it is first wet thoroughly and agglomeration dispersed before the process of homogenizing.

Technical Specifications
  • All the contact parts of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Works on a power supply of 400 V / 3 phases, 50 Hz
  • Standard inline system within an enclosed pipeline
  • Reduced batch times by up to 80%
  • High Differential Velocities
  • Energy savings when compared with in-tank mixers, colloid mills and homogenizers.
  • Increased capacity when compared with colloid mills and homogenizers