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Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant


oral liquid manufacturing plantThe oral liquid manufacturing plant is a machine used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacturing of liquid syrups and medications. The liquid manufacturing plant consists of a sugar syrup vessel, a vessel storage and vacuum system for the transfer of liquid syrup. The syrup manufacturing plant is equipped with control panels and transfer pumps. The machine is also known as the liquid syrup manufacturing plant as it is made specially for the preparation of liquid medications. The syrup making plant is designed to be operated very easily by a single person which helps the company to save manpower cost. The sugar syrup making plant is also equipped with a heating and cooling support system.


Salient features:
  • Vibration free vessel for sugar syrup
  • Pipes and pipe fittings made of stainless steel 316
  • All contact parts are of SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 315
  • Electro plated Pipes and fittings for longer life
  • Equipped with online sugar syrup pre filter
  • Low maintenance due to no coupling in the drive assembly
  • Only one operator and helper needed for operation, saving manpower
  • Limpet coils to easily control the heating and cooling
  • Gaskets ands unions made up of silicon

Process of operation

The sugar and water are loaded with a vacuum system into the vessel and stirred & mixed well with a high speed stirrer & electrical heating. The sugar syrup is made at the temperature needed and then transferred to the manufacturing vessel by vacuum or by means of transfer pump. The syrup formed during the formation of emulsion is circulated again by the liquid transfer pump. The storage vessel is connected to the liquid transfer pump which is further connected to the filling machine. The liquid manufactured is then filled in the glass ampoules or bottles by the liquid filling machine.

Technical Specifications
  • Conform to CGMP standard
  • Available in 500 litres to 1500 litres capacity
  • Equipped with online sugar syrup pre filter
  • operated by centralized operating panel by one operator
  • No Coupling in the drive assembly
  • The plant is equipped with cip & sip system.
  • Inlet and outlet connections are provided with tri clover joints