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Membrane Holder


Membrane Holder The membrane filter holder is used for the sterile grade filtration of solutions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The membrane holder is used for supporting the membrane against the pressure applied for the sterilization of liquids and gases. Membrane holder assembly is used for the for ultra cleaning and sterilization of liquids under pressure and for aseptic sampling of liquids. These filter membranes can operate under the temperature of 176°F (80°C). The holder has a PP dual support screen. The flow is allowed in both directions with dual support screens. The membrane can filter at an maximum pressure of 71 psi (4.8 bar). Membrane holder is equipped with a female luer-slip fitting. Filter holder is manufactured with a polycarbonate body. The membrane is equipped with a ventilation plug which effectively filters the air bubbles. Membrane filter holder is used for the bacteriological analysis of water and suspended solids in water. It is also used for other application where the bacteriological analysis of liquids is needed to hold the membrane in place. The membrane filter also find application in the Particulate contamination analysis of oils and hydraulic fluids by gravimetric or particulate counting techniques. It is capable of handling high thermal and mechanical resistance. Filters are made with different size and diameters depending upon the needs of application.

Salient features:

  • Membrane made of Polypropylene material
  • Polypropylene Support screen for monitoring
  • Inlet and outlet connections
  • Polypropylene ventilation cap
  • Nylon Hose Barb Adapters
  • Suitable for inline gas and liquid filtration
  • Indoor and outdoor air monitoring
  • Ventilation plug for the filtration of air bubbles
  • High thermal and mechanical resistance and easily sealable
  • Reliable retention of particles, aerosols and microorganisms