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Multi Column Water Distillation Plant


Multi column water distillation plantThe multi column water distillation plant is used for the sterile preparations in various industries. The Multi column distillation plant finds a wide range of application in the pharmaceutical industry. The water distillation plane is capable of meeting the needs of the customers and the standards of the Pharma industry. The machine has a water for injection system to maintain the WFI parameters of the industry within the acceptable limit. The water for injection process plant works in a way to meet the industry standards and demands of the users. The departed leg region and the high accuracy of the system ensures the control of the produced water for injection parameters under the allowable limits. The water for injection plant meets the requirement and standards of the cGMP, WHO & USFDA.


Characteristic Features:
  • The multi -column distillation plant has an inlet that is compliable for water conductivity monitoring
  • It is efficient for obtaining pure steam from the first column
  • It comprises of a condenser that is appliable for higher WFI
  • It is on the hot stand by mode
  • The distillation plant comprises of various sanitization and sterlization columns and condenser protection panels
  • Pure sterile and pyrogen free distilled water that is compliable to IP/BP/USP standards
  • All the contact parts are configured with the help of SS 316 material
  • Energy saver with 75% less heating energy
  • Specialized design in the first column with the boiler steam
  • Distilled water quality as per the IP/BP/USP standards
  • The panel board is configured from SS 304 sheet
  • Electro polished and compact design
  • Fully automatic operation with no operator required for the operations
  • Low operating costs applicable
Technical Specifications

IP/BP/USP specifications compliance.
Distillate Temperature 95ºC
Conductivity : Less than 0.5µ Siemens/cm.
Endotoxing – Less than 0.25 Eu./ml.
TOC – 100 PPB.

Purified water with max. conductivity of 0.5 micromhos/cm. should be used.
Pressure should be 1 kg/cm² higher than the in feed steam pressure.
Temperature – Ambient 30ºC

Normal tap water is used
Provided hardness is less than 90 PPM of CaCo3.
Temperature – Ambient 30ºC

Steam must be saturated, dry free from oil, vapors and other impurities.
(A steam filter to obtain 3µ, clear quality steam is recommended ask for details)
Pressure –min steam pressure of 3 kg./cm² is essential to guarantee pyrogen-free distillate.