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Multi Mill


Multi Mill The multi mill machine is equipped with multiple swinging blades to reduce the size of material. The multi mill blades have dual sharp edges, knife and a hammer each. The machine is widely used in industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing etc. Provided with vibro sifter, tablet coating plan, dust extractor, and spray coating machine, the pharmaceutical multi mill uses blades to cut down the material size with powerful blast of air enclosed in a cylindrical sieve.

Working principle

The stainless steel beaters are powered to rotate within a specific screen. The material enters through the inlet hopper to the processing chamber where it moves fast in horizontal space and finally passes through the screen. The processed material thus passes through the outlet once its is reduced to the desired size. The final output could vary depending on the beaters shape, speed, and screen size.

Salient Features
  • The lab mill works on the cGMP model.
  • All the contact parts of the machine are made of AISI 316 while non-contact parts of AISI 304.
  • The machine produces 50-200kg/hour.
  • The machine has removable contact parts for swift inspection and clean process.
  • Direction of the SS beaters could be changed with reversible switch ranging from knife to impact and vice versa.
  • Provided with castors for mobility.
  • Beaters and scraper blades are plated with hard chrome.
  • Machine designed for continuous operations.
Technical specifications:
Output * 50 to 200 Kg/Hour
Rotor Assembly Diameter 250 mm Approx.
Rotor Speed 750 / 1500 / 2300 / 3000 RPM
Beaters 12 Nos. with knife and impact edges and 2 Nos. scraper blades
Screen dimension Inner Diameter 265 mm/ Height 140 mm
Motor 3 HP/1440 RPM /3 Phase
Starter “DOL” with reversible switch
Material charging height 1460 + 5 mm.
Material discharging height 760 + 5 mm.