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Octagonal Blender


Octagonal BlenderOctagonal blender is a machine used for the homogeneous mixing and lubrication of dry granules in multiple industries. The Octagonal blender machine has an octagon shaped container which delivers the best mixing and lubrication of granules. The Octagonal Shape Blender is ideal for use in Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Ceramic, Pesticides and Cosmetic industry. The pharmaceutical octagonal blender machine has an octagonal shaped container which ensures fast and homogenizing mixing of materials as a result of tumbler effect. The Powder Mixing Octagonal Blender machine is capable of homogeneous mixing of free-flowing powders and granules which require low shearing force. The machine is used for blending and mixing of particles with fast intermixing irrespective of their variable specific gravity.

Characteristics of Octagonal Blender
  • All contact parts made with AISI 316 and non contact parts withAISI 304
  • It is easy to load and unload the materials.
  • Specially manufactured for dry mixing of granules.
  • The advantage of Octagonal shaped container in continuous slow rotation of granules.
  • Manually rotatable hand wheel
  • The machine is very easy to clean
  • The octagonal shape of the container is ideal for mixing and merging different batches into a single batch
  • Equipped with a motor and reduction gearbox
  • Product container has discharge with manhole and butterfly valve
  • Rotating area of container has a safety reeling
  • Electric control panel with cycle time
  • Consumes low power even for bigger size batches

Process of Operation

The granules to be mixed are loaded into the blender drum. The octagonal container in the machine tumbles the material thoroughly for 5 to 15 minutes and spread it out. The material gets sufficient continuous movement as a result of the octagonal shape of the container. A homogeneous mixture of the particles is achieved in a very less time. A good quality of lubrication and blending of particles is obtained even by the slow movement of the container.