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Onion skin tube filling and sealing machine


Onion skin tube filling and sealing machineThe onion skin tube filling and sealing machine works on the principle of slant travel of tubes during the filling and sealing operations. The filling unit is coated with stainless steel square pipe frame and stainless steel coverings to provide a matt finish. There is a huge opening at the bottom side that accounts for effective and clear cleaning. Further the control panel in the form of pendant is lifted from machine for the ease of operation and safety.

Process of Operation

The onion skin tube filler comprises of a sterilized tube tray that is loaded directly into slant hoper of the unit. Further the synchronized star wheels deliver tubes move on the eccentric tube rack in a single move. Thereafter the final sealing is accomplished when stoppage of rack sequentially starts pre gassing, post gassing, pre heating and sealing.

Characteristic Features
  • The glass tube filling and sealing machine is a compact sized model with no-tube no-filling system.
  • It is configured with a tube neck that is centered during gas filing and flushing operations.
  • Chances of gas flushing exists before, during and after filling.
  • Full accessibility in machine accounts for flexible maintenance.
  • Machine incorporated with pre-warming station.
  • Minimized change over time, less maintenance and flexible cleaning operations.
  • All the contact and non-contact parts are made with SS 316 and SS 304 material respectively.
  • Appropriate for all open gas mouth ampoules.
  • Vibration free structure
  • Flow meters available for nitrogen, LPG and oxygen gas regulations.
  • Single motor synchronization with all drives of the unit.
  • Stainless steel west tips collector for cutting glass ampoules tips.
  • Holds the filling accuracy of up to ± 1%.


Technical Specifications

Here are the technical specifications for the product:

Model No. DFS-30 OST DFS-55 OST DFS-4 OST
No. Of Head One Two Four
Onion Skin Tube / Indicators Ampoule Size Dia. 6mm to 12mm Dia. 6mm to 12mm Dia. 6mm to 12mm
Production / Minute 10 to 15 / Minute 40 to 50 / Minute 60 to 100 / Minute
Filling Accuracy ± 1% ± 1% ± 1%
Required Gas For Sealing LPG + Oxygen LPG + Oxygen LPG + Oxygen
Contact Parts SS 316 SS 316 SS 316
Non Contact Parts SS 304 SS 304 SS 304
Dimension 900mm (L) X
600mm (W) X
950mm (H)
950mm (L) X
715mm (W) X
1000mm (H)
1100mm (L) X
800mm (W) X
1050mm (H)
Net Weight 70 150 225
Gross Weight 180 380 450