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Oral Liquid Section

Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant

The syrup manufacturing plant constitutes sugar syrup vessel, online sugar syrup pre-filter, manufacturing vessel storage vessel and transfer pumps.

Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant

The oral liquid manufacturing plant is a machine used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacturing of liquid syrups and medications.

Colloid Mill

The colloid mill is suitable for cutting down the particle size of a solid or liquid suspended in a liquid. Equipped with hydraulic shear, the colloid mill machine is widely

Inline Homoginizer

The inline homogenizer is an ideal solution for the processing of emulsions and dispersions. The inline dispersion homogenizer micronize and scatter the particles

Filter Press

Filter press machine is a machine used in different industries for separate the liquid and solids. The filter press finds application in the pharmaceutical industry,

Storage Tank

The storage tanks are manufactured specially with ultra grade raw material and are highly looked after for different industrial applications. They are also used for