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Paste Kettle


Paste Kettle Paste kettle is basically a semi-hemispherical jacketed bowl that is surrounded by two shaft extensions that are opposite in direction. The jacketed bowl in the paste kettle has linkages for steam/inlet and also steam pressure. It is a comprehensively designed starch paste kettle with stringent features.

Process of Operating

The paste making kettle works with a simple and comprehensive construction with flexible mounting and operation arrangement. Firstly the starch is inserted in the kettle and thereafter with the aid of water a paste is formed. Afterwards with the help of motor operated agitators paste is thickened to avoid lumps and ensure smooth mixing. The paste is thereafter is mixed thoroughly for appropriate granulation. Lastly the temperature of the paste kettle machine can also be adjusted using the thermostat and the process accomplishes thereby.

Characteristic Features
  • Paste making kettle is compliable to cGMP standards
  • The paste kettle is available in standard painting model
  • Foundation performed with the aid of anchor belts
  • Perfect manual tilting mechanism for collection of the product
  • Flexible mounting and operation arrangement
  • Steam or electrical heating system leveraged as per customer’s needs
  • Centered stirrer available with eminent worm reduction gear box coupled with electric motor
  • Top lid for ensuring safety of the paste making kettle
  • Inside surface polished and has matte finish
  • Appropriate operating panel supplied with necessary equipments
  • Comes with capacity of 50, 100 and 200 liter capacity of bowl
  • Hemispherical design for appropriate mixing of the paste
  • Discharge possible from the bottom with the help of butterfly valve
  • All contact and non contact parts configured with SS-316 and SS-304 materials respectively
  • Main pillar of kettle made from SS-304
  • Flame proof material used for the construction purposes
  • Insulation cover surrounds the steam jacket
  • Driven via motor and gear box that is mounted on the box