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Planetary Mixer


Planetary mixerThe Planetary mixer is a machine ideal for collaborating wet and dry materials. It is a mixing assemble where the agitation pattern is of the planetary nature. The machine works on a homogeneous mixing action i.e. suspensions and semisolids. The Planetary Mixer Machine performs all the tasks like mixing, heating, cooling, vacuuming and homogenizing functions within one machine. This is a vacuum type planetary mixer which is used for mixing of ointments, wet mass, dry powders etc. The agitation assembly rotates around itself and also travels in a circular motion, thereby resulting in through mixing of the materials.

Characteristic features
  • The contact parts made up of AISI 316 and non contact parts S.S.394
  • Simple to mount machine is compact in structure and design
  • It consists of a double anchor blade with planetary rotation for extremely efficient shearing force.
  • The top lid of the machine is mounted with a motor operated lifting device.
  • Product container is castor wheel mounted for easy load and unload to the machine.
  • The machine has a rigid drive with planetary gear and reduction gear box
  • Equipped with a dual speed motor for both slow and fast mixing action.
  • The scrapper is made from teflon.
Process of operation

The anchor type agitator rotates in the anticlockwise direction. The paddle revolves in clockwise direction with planetary motion. The paddle generates a disturbance in the normal circular motion and dampen the vortex formation. The planetary action and mixing blade have dual speed. Moreover, the adjustable scrapers prevents the building of stagnant film between the vessel and the agitator. This ensures the efficient transfer of heat to the product during heating and cooling. The speed of the agitator and the counter paddle is adjustable. The mixing container is completely closed for efficient heating and cooling. The mixing container has been designed to operate under vacuum so that the mixing can be done in isolation from air.

Technical Specifications
Machine Description DTPM 50 DTPM 75 DTPM 150 DTPM 250
Total Volume (Litre) 72 100 204 340
Working Volume (Litre) 50 75 150 250
Working Load In Kg. 25 40 75 120