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Pure steam generator


Pure steam generatorPure steam generator is a machine which is used to produce pure steam for the sterilization of containers, pipings, vessels and for humidification of air. The steam is used to prevent contamination of organic matter and pyrogens. Pure steam generator systems are also used for the sterilization of machine components, tanks, clothes, filters and filling machines. Pure system generator equipment is manufactured to meet the cGMP and ASME standards. The contact parts of the generator are electropolished to avoid the crevices which can allow the bacteria to grow. The gaskets in the generator are made up of Pharmaceutical grade silicon or pure Teflon.

Process of Operation

Pure steam generator works on the principle of evaporation. The pure steam is produced in a vertical tube evaporator and this steam is passed through a stage separator. Evaporator transfers the heat to the feed water in the tubes through a tube type heat exchanger. The steam produced is passed through a separator which separates the contaminated water droplets from the pure steam. All the humidity is separated with the help of gravity. The steam is made to pass through paths to a cyclone separator. Centrifugal forces act on the steam inside the cyclone separator. Now the separated steam is made to pass over a demister pad to remove any solid particles.

Salient features:

  • Stainless steel 316 L structure
  • Glass wool insulation
  • Electropolished contact parts
  • Orbital welding for tube sheets
  • PLC based operation and control panel
  • Contact parts made up of SS 316 L
  • Triclovar fittings for ease of operation
  • Suitable for sterilization of small and large equipment
  • Optional non condensable gas removal system
  • High Limit Pressure Control
  • Synoptic board panel