Duke Technologies

Ribbon Blender


Ribbon blenderThe ribbon blender mixer constitutes a U shaped horizontal trough and comprehensively designed agitator that rotates within. With perfect design and construction it provides triple mixing action that ensures speedy and effective blending. Ribbon blender has specifically designed ribbons that deliver a moment of material in the equipment to provide immediate discharge. The ribbon blades used inside the Ribbon Powder Blender are used to comply with the requirement of varied materials. The ribbon blending machine is fabricated to assure maximum and optimum efficiency.

Characteristic Features

  • All contact parts are sophisticatedly made with SS 304 and SS 316 material
  • Optimum care taken for ensuring safety operation in the unit
  • Full cover on above surface of the container
  • Operating panel for safe operation of blender
  • Centrally placed material discharge valve
  • Three phase facility for indication
  • The small model of ribbon blender D.O.L. starter engrossed for on and off operations
  • Safety guards and covers configured with SS304 and mild steel
  • Emergency stop also incorporated inside the panel
  • Digital timer also available for batch time setting
  • Limit switch also incorporated at the top surface for safety considerations
  • Inching push button comes with selector switch for the inching operation when the discharge of material takes place inside the ribbon blender
  • Applicable in pharmaceutical, dyes, chemicals, food products, organics, pigments, agricultural products, minerals and also the pesticides.
  • Mounted bearings to avoid cross contamination
  • Comprises of an ampere meter to specify the load of meter in ampere
  • Continuous ribbon design is there for accomplished discharge of the finished or accomplished product
  • Flexible maintenance and energy efficient operation
  • Robust operation of the Ribbon Blender leading to higher operational fluency and accuracy thereby
  • Designed with a cGMP base that fosters easy operation and maintenance thereby
  • The panel of ribbon blender is filled with 500 liters and more.