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Semi automatic multijet ampoule and vial washing machine


Semi automatic multijet ampoule and vial washing machineThe semi automatic multijet ampoule washing machine is used in the Pharmaceutical industry for the washing of vials and ampoules. Semi automatic ampoule washer is a compact and versatile machine made according to the latest cGMP standards. The semi automatic ampoule cleaning machine is suitable for washing of 1 ml to 20 ml ampoules and 2 ml to 100 ml glass vials. Different size of vials and ampoules can be washed with the help of change parts. It has multiple pressure jets to wash the ampoules hence the name semi automatic multijet vial washing machine. It s equipped with a motorized cam operated valve system which is used to monitor the washing process. The ampoule rinsing machine comes with optional solenoid valve system which is offered on the customer request. Multi jet vial washer machine is widely used in small and medium Pharmaceutical industries.


Process of operation

The dump loading feature is used for the loading of vials or ampoules in the vial washing machine. Alternatively, every ampoule needs to be arranged into the loading tray. Then the loading tray is placed in the vial cleaning machine. Automatic centering of the washing nozzles in the vials is achieved by lowering down the handle. The top cover is also lowered down & the switch is used for automatic sequential washing. Vials or ampoules are washed both from inside and outside. The machine automatically stops after the completion of washing cycle. The machine automatically stops and restart on lifting and pushing down the Acrylic top cover.

Salient Features:
  • Positive & Pressurized jets
  • Washing of ampoules from inside ad outside
  • Clear view of washing through Acrylic top cover
  • All contact parts made of SS 304 or Poly Propylene
  • Simple and robust design for long life
Technical Specification
Needle quantity  30 cycles per hour.
Power requirement 415 volts, 3 phase, 4 wire, 50 Hz
Air requirement 20 CFM filtered at 5 micron per 5 bar
Distilled water 2kg/cm square
Gross weight 350 kgs
Production Rate 30 to 110 Vials/Min
Overall dimensions 990mm (L) X 860mm (W) X 940mm (H)