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Semi automatic rotary cartoning machine


Semi automatic rotary cartoning machineIt is a compact sized cartoning machine that stands appropriate for products, strips, tubes and bottles. It is an indexer device that appropriate for any size of cartons. The semi automatic cartoning machine is easy to maintain and operate with complete pneumatic operations. Manually feeding of products available with the rotary cart-oner. The machine is well equipped with indexing cam that helps in the conductance of operations step by step. There is a special device like bottom closing of cartons in the machine that helps in the closure of carton flaps. Designed sophisticatedly in compliance to the CGMP standards.


Characteristic Features :
  • The vertical rotary cartoning machine operates with a mechanical speed of nearly 60 cycles per minute
  • A complete automatic blister packing machine with a maximum capacity of 150 to 300 blister per machine
  • Low initial investment and low running cost
  • The vertical rotary cartoning machine requires a semi skilled operator for operational purposes
  • The vertical rotary cartoning machine has an easy and fast change over
  • The carton locator of the vertical rotary cartoning machine is made from low friction material that is made of Nylo cast
  • The pneumatic components of the rotary cart-oner are configured with FESTO
  • Easy maintenance and flexible change over available
  • Equipped with high precision indexer to avoid any kinds of jerks
  • Speed control available to control the AC frequency drive
  • The indexing plate of the machine is made up of aluminum material¬†¬†
  • Speed control possible with the help of semi automatic cartoning machine due to the AC frequency drive
  • Compact and versatile machine that is made in accordance to the GMP norms
  • Very less parts required for changing the product and the timing required is also less
  • Main motor of the semi automatic vertical rotary machine is made of the optimum quality Bonfigliloli geared motor


Technical Specifications
Model No. DRC-40
Mechanical Speed 60 cycles per minute
Output per minute 30 to 40 cartons per minute
Air consumption 40 Litres per minute at 6kg/cm2 pressure
Carton size in mm Minimum 20mm (L) X 15mm (W) X 60mm (H)
Maximum 82mm (L) X 200mm (W) X 200mm (H)
Carton GSM 285 to 320 GSM
Power Supply 1 H.P., 220 Volts, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
Machine Weight 400 Kgs
Dimensions 1150mm (L) X 1500mm (W) X 1400mm (H)