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Sterilizing and Depyrogenation Tunnel


Sterilizing and Depyrogenation TunnelThe Sterilizing and Depyrogenation Tunnel is a machine used in various industries for the sterilization and depyrogenation of glass vials and ampoules. The Sterilizing tunnel is also known as the depyrogenating tunnel and it uses hot air for the sterilization of ampoules and vials. Sterilizing tunnel for vials is designed as a fully automatic system which uses dry heat with the forced convection of filtered air for depyrogenation of glass vials. The sterilizing tunnel for ampoules is equipped with a high efficiency particulate air filter to achieve sterilization of ampoules. Online sterilization tunnel is also known as the pharmaceutical sterilizing tunnel due to its wide use in the Pharmaceutical industry. The machine is provided with a 21CFR compliant data management system.

Process of Operation

The vials or ampoules are packed on a stainless steel belt which moves them through the preheating, heating and cooling zones. In every zone the ampoules are treated with HEPA filtered air to make them ready for filling. The differential pressures are controlled and monitored by the machine for proper operation of the tunnel. The sterilization and depyrogenation is based on the selection of cycle times and exposure to temperature. The entire process is automated and monitored by a touch screen display for easy operation and control access.

Salient features:

  • Automatic sterilization of the cooling zone
  • Easy Introduction of validation thermocouples through ports
  • Equipped with Ampoule flow control logic
  • Monitoring of conveyor belt with alarms
  • Filter modules are equipped with differential pressure gauges for pressure monitoring
  • Balancing of air between aseptic and non-aseptic areas
  • Optional positioning, adjustment and monitoring of Shutter
  • Touch screen display screen for easy access and control
  • Diagnostic screen highlight alarm for production control
Technical features
Belt Width 300mm, 450mm & 600mm
Installed Power   300mm – 34 kw. 450mm - 37 kw. 600mm – 56 kw.
Power Specification   3 Phase, 4 Wire System
Control Voltage 24 VAC/DC
Overall Dimension 3700mm (L) X 1275mm (W) X 2350mm (H)