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Storage Tank


Storage Tank The storage tanks are manufactured specially with ultra grade raw material and are highly looked after for different industrial applications. They are also used for storage of water for injection from the range of 85 to 90 degree Celsius range. Made comprehensively with the stainless steel finish, these storage tanks has application in numerous industrial sectors. Cervice less surfaces are incorporated in the filling vessel with no stagnant point for avoiding bacterial growth. On the requirement of the customer, the storage tank can be linked with the loop system with recirculation of water for injection water. The storage tanks are manufactured with complete compliance to cGMP standards.

Characteristic Features

  • Designing is done as per the needs of the customer
  • High degree finishing and electric polishing done in the filling vessel
  • All of the contact components are made up of SS 316 material
  • Spray ball available for CIP and SIP purposes
  • Configured with flush bottom valve and vent filter
  • Load cell configured to display the volume inside the tank in terms of liters
  • Loop system also available for the pressure tank for recirculation of WFI water
  • Complies to cGMP standards
  • Higher flow and pressure rates of the storage tank
  • Joints and nozzles are tri clover
  • Horizontal and vertical execution possible as per the requirements
  • Lower maintenance and higher strength
  • Higher durability and robustness in operations performed by the DM water storage tank
  • Sanitizable pump also available for loop and circulation purposes
Technical Specifications

Here are the technical specifications for the WFI storage tank:

Design as per ASME guideline and user requirement.
No stagnant point to avoid bacterial growth.
Electro polish from inside.
Insulation with SS 304 welded cladding.
All contact parts will be of SS 316 / SS 316 L quality.
0.2 ยต Hydrophobic Air vent filter for Air venting.