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Blister Packing Machine


Tablet Blister Packing MachineIt is a comprehensive set up that is configured not only for the purpose of blistering, but also for the confectionary and other consumer goods. Leverages optimum quality performance with nominal flexibility in the prices. The Alu Alu blister packing machine is made to use in the pharmaceutical companies mainly for the purpose of packing of oral tablets, capsules, hard and soft gelate-ne and am-poules or vials. The PVC blister packing machine makes sure that there is complete synchronization of timings between the sealing of aluminum foil and PVC base web.

Characteristic Features
  • The tablet blister packing machine is completely flexible and economic solution for blistering. Also appropriate for confectionary and other consumer products packaging.
  • Suitable for the integration of detection and rejection system comprising of line up to the cart-oner.
  • The strip packing machine is capable of handling all of the common blister packing materials that include, PVC, PVDC, COC, ACLAR, Cold form alu coil.
  • Concrete design and configuration for heavy duty applications
  • All contact and non contact parts configured with AISI 306 and AISI 304 material
  • Cost effective as there is low cost of investment in the initial time and thereby incurs a lower running cost
  • Compact in size and easily accessible for the purpose of servicing and maintenance
  • The PVC blister packing machine does the indexing control with the well equipped servo motor
  • Comes with cam profile and flexible for the changeover purposes
  • Scrap resistant and separate station for all the functions
  • Capable of handling all kinds of thermo and cold forming materials including, PP film and lidding on the markets
  • With the aid of single or dual lane discharge, the blister packing machine has a flexible adaptation to the cart-oner
  • Sophisticated design in compliance to the CGMP standards of industry
  • A high speed Alu Alu blister packing machine
Technical specifications:
  • PVC Base Film Width Maximum – 230mm
  • PVC Film Thickness – 0.25 – 0.5
  • PVC Reel Diameter – Maximum 440mm
  • Aluminium Foil Width – 227mm
  • Aluminium Foil Thickness – 0.2 to 0.3
  • Aluminium Foil Reel Diameter – Maximum 200mm
  • Total Forming Area – Maximum 210mm
  • Indexing Length – Maximum 150mm
  • Pack Size Punched Out – Maximum 215mm
  • Forming Depth – Maximum 30mm
  • Width – 1050mm Length – 3500mm Height – 1500mm
  • Wight – 1500kg