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Tablet Capsule Elevator


tablet capsule elevator The tablet capsule elevator is used to load the product into the machine hopper situated at a higher level. The tablet elevator is used to supply the products for the blister packing, counting or foiling with the help of a lifting, tipping and a lowering scoop. The capsule elevator maintains the required level of product in the packing hopper. The tablet capsule elevator is also known as the tablet loading system or capsule loading system. The tablet elevator is widely used to transport tablets and capsules from the hopper mounted on the floor to the packing machine.

Salient features
  • Compact GMP model.
  • 50 / 100 liters product hopper capacity.
  • Single elevator bucket with auto level detection
  • Vibratory Feeder With Suitable Dust Extraction Points
  • The elevator is easy to be used by any person
  • Equipped with Pneumatic Scoop Lift
  • The machine has a single scoop of 4 to 6 liters
  • Auto level detection
  • Gentle Lifting And Tilting Of Scoop
  • Sandra Tilting Height Of 2000 mm
  • Adjustable height options available
  • Additional Sensor Provided For Packing Machine
  • Hopper's Level Detection And Synchronization
  • The required level of product is maintained in the hopper
Process of operation

The products are manually loaded into the hopper mounted on the floor. The product is then fed into the tipping scoop by a vibratory feeder. The amount of product fed into the tipping scoop is controlled by a level sensor. When the required level is achieved, the vibrator stops and the scoop starts lifting on reaching the required height. The products are sent to the machine hopper through a suitable chute. According to the need of product in machine hopper, the cycle is repeated or stopped.

Technical features
PLC Weight
DT – TCE 2000 230 V,
50 Hz
6 bar 4 to 6
Up to 
100 Ltrs.
As per requirement 230 Kgs.