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Tablet De-dusting and De-burring Machine


Tablet De-dusting and De-burring MachineThis machine is used to compile the dust and other particles which basically come out of the compression machine. This machine is basically mounted directly at the end of compression machine. “Duke” Tablet Dusting is basically a pharmaceutical equipment that clear away the fine surface dust from tablets through the vibratory effect. In this machine there is basically a vibrated uphill type sieves. It is specially designed on vibratory motor principle. This machine is basically a vacuum cleaner which has got suction side as well and this suction side is mostly used for cleaning purpose only. This machine is connected to the tablet through a hosepipe from where the De Dusted powder is extracted out and collected.

Characteristic Features
  • The De Dusting disc penetration diameter is about 3mm.
  • It has got SS316 contact parts in it.
  • Designing of this machine is totally encapsulated.
  • This machine is easy to clean and handle.
  • Their is basically proper path of moving the tablet.
  • In this machine height adjustment can also be done with four wheels.
  • This machine is of compact size that is it takes minimum floor area occupation.
  • Maintenance of this machine is quite less as compared to the other extracting machines.
  • This machine is geometrically designed ensure to remove dust and burrs.
  • It is completely made from the stainless steel .
  • It can be easily attached with the Metal Detector Unit.
  • In this machine all the components may be cleaned dry or wet which allows optimal cleaning to be achieved in accordance with GMP standards.
Technical specifications:

Here are the technical specifications of the De-dusting And De-burring machine.

Model DTDD - 250 DTDD - 350
Output per hour 1,74,000 Tab/Hour 2,50,000 Tab/Hour
Tablet Path Bottom to Top - Elevating Spiral
Maximum Tablet Diameter 20 mm 20 mm
Minimum Tablet Diameter 5 mm 5 mm