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Vertical Door Steam Sterilizer


vertical door steam sterilizer The vertical door steam sterilizer is a machine manufactured according to the requirements of the customers. The steam sterilizer machine is used for the sterilization of glasswares, steel components, containers, linen and rubber articles. The vertical steam sterilizer is equipped with a vertical door having temperature resistant food grade gaskets made up of silicone. The machine is also known as the pharmaceutical steam sterilizer because of its wide application in the Pharma industry. The machine comes in various sizes for different applications. It has a fully automatic PLC control system and can be maintained manually. The machine comes with additional options like a steam generator, vacuum pump, carriage trolleys and chart recorders etc. The vertical sterilizer is equipped with fully automatic control systems which are PLC based and cover all the parameters.

The door of the machine is a vertical sliding door. It is opened and controlled by the buttons given on the operating panel. The door is equipped with double safety devices which ensure that it will not close if an obstacle comes in its path.

Salient features:
  • Compact design complies to cGMP standards
  • Suitable for glasswares, steel components, containers, linen and rubber articles
  • Vertical temperature resistant food grade gaskets
  • The machine is available in different sizes for different requirements
  • Fully automated controlled systems
  • Contact parts made of stainless steel 316
  • Manual maintenance independent of PLC
  • Accurate chamber temperature control
  • Safe and smooth door operations
Technical Specifications
Design cGMP design
Body Made of SS 316
Frame Made of SS 304
Control system 8 inch touchscreen control panel and chip card system
Door configuration Vertical door
Internal Dimensions 17.7” x 18.9” x 25.6”
External Dimensions 47.2” x 75.6” x 38.2”
Suitable for materials Glasswares, steel components, containers, linen and rubber articles